Goodbye Post

Hi people today is the last post of my blog it took a lot of time to write it and events in my life even nobody seen it so I hope that you will enjoy reading it.

I started my blog with a post about the city of Venice it was really fun and I already know a lot about Venice because I went there and I have some family at Venice so it was an easy blog but the only challenge I had it was how to tell the city.

The air cadets and the survival camp was both posts about the cadets and the activities the glider was about my glider tour and it was very fun and the survival camp where we learn how to survive in the wild those two activities will be never forget.

My hospital week this post was about my week in the hospital after I opened my spleen in a ski accident that hurted a lot. They said if my spleen does not do ok they do a surgy to remove my spleen but I got lucky and they did not need to. Later I came home and continue my life.

So this is all the post about a big event in my life they requested a lot of work, I learned how to organize my blog, how to coment and the challenges. I really liked blogging and I hope you liked to read my blog. Thanks for the support, the coments and to make this year awesome! So this is it ciao everybody.

The Key To Success

The key of success is to be good in everything that you do, to make your dreams come true and to have a good life this is what is success for me.

In life there is a lot of success that is actually not that great like being popular and rich because you already have everything but you want always more and I think the life is not that long example Michael Jackson took too much pills to sleep and he died of a heart attack and John F Kennedy who got assassinated.



Our Great Nature

The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17Our great nature nothing is more beautiful then nature. But it’s starting to change because of pollution made by cars, factory’s, people who throw garbage and a lot more. If it continues we gone end up like in the movie Walle and we don’t want to end up like that.

The worst case is animal extinction and bad air and water because no more animals means no more food and bad air and water because no more plants and we could become cannibal if there is noting else to heat. Continue reading

My Avatar Challenge 1

_1459515001.92062_997This is my avatar Roberto,

I made him look like if he is wearing my cadet uniform, I wanted him to wear the hat and make him salute. I made him on

So this is my avatar and I hope you like his look !

See you soon ciao.